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WUR on Wheels is finished. We cycled 97.460 km with 270 participants and raised € 10.837 for the Wageningen Borlaug Youth Institute! We thank everybody who contributed to this succes in any way !

This year we are cycling around the world together to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Wageningen University & Research. In this era WUR students, scientists and alumni have left traces all over the world. With high-grade knowledge and research we make a difference to quality of life worldwide.

WUR on Wheels’ will showcase the people of WUR and their work! And you are one of them, so join us and get your bike out between 15 September and 15 October 2018 to – figuratively – cycle around the world together. Help raise the counter to (a multitude of) 40,000 kilometres and support change makers of tomorrow, ‘the Wageningen Borlaug Youth Institute’.

Let’s reach that goal of
40, 80, 120.000 KM together

  • Show the world what gets you moving
  • Be part of One Wageningen
  • Inspire the change makers of the future
  • Support the Wageningen Borlaug Youth Institute

Highlight of the day!
We did it! 97.460 km
and € 10.837 for the
Wageningen Borlaug Youth Institute

We did it! 97.000km and € 10.811

Invest in our future:
Wageningen Borlaug Youth Institute

How will we feed 10 billion people around the world? A world where rural areas are replaced by large cities and where oceans are critically polluted. A world where climate is changing as a result of growing populations.

The Wageningen Borlaug Youth Institute challenges secondary school students to think about these questions and advise today’s decision makers what, in their opinion, needs to be done to save the future of the earth and mankind!

Sponsoring Borlaug Youth Institute means investing in our future! Read more –>



Okt. 15 … ‘Tour de WUR’  (Teamestafette) Netherlands

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