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Borlaug Youth Institute

Norman Borlaug (1914 –2009) was an American agronomist and humanitarian. In 1970 he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution to world peace through improved food production. He is called “the father of the green revolution” and is credited with saving over a billion people worldwide from starvation.

In 1986 Dr. Borlaug founded The World Food Prize, an annual award that aims to highlight and inspire breakthrough achievements in improving the quality, quantity and availability of food in the world.

How to feed the world population

The Wageningen Borlaug Youth Institute invites and inspires tomorrow’s change makers – secondary school students of today – to develop solutions for one of the greatest challenges today’s world faces: “How will we keep feeding the growing world population in the future?”.

Participants will be supported by motivated students and researchers from Wageningen University & Research. In special workshops on the Wageningen Campus, Borlaug Youth contestants are trained in debating, presenting and vlogging – skills that are vital for the world leaders of future generations.

Share ideas with thought leaders

Students with the best ideas will share their advice with CEOs, leaders and leading scientists. The winning participants will also be invited to visit the Global Youth Institute meeting (October 2018) in the US together with WUR chairperson Professor Louise O. Fresco.