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Louise Fresco challenges you to join WUR on Wheels

From September 15 to October 15 we celebrate 100 years WUR in a dynamic and typically Dutch way…on bike. WUR on Wheels showcases the people of WUR and their work. One of them is Louise Fresco, CEO of Wageningen University and Research. She challenges students and others to join WUR on Wheels, get their bikes out and check out the beautiful surroundings of Wageningen.

To Louise Fresco cycling stands not only for exercise but it is also symbolic for our lives and carreers as something that is in movement. The donations done to WUR on Wheels will be used to bring secondary school students together and inspire them to be the New Borlaug. That means they aspire to be the person to develop new solutions for food safety.

This film was shot at the start of a outdoormeeting ‘on wheels’ with René Verhulst, the major of Ede. Together they cycled to the former military base in Ede; the new .

Louise Fresco challenges you to join WUR on Wheels
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