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WUR on Wheels – Once, twice – and a bit – around the world

The project WUR on Wheels turned into an impressive colourful virtual bike parade in which 270 students, alumni and employees participated. We started with the goal to cycle 40.000 km around the world in a month. We are, however, proud to announce that together, we cycled almost 97.000 kilometres on five continents. That’s more than two times around the world!
Yes, you may say the people form Wageningen are quite the cycling fanatics.

Cycling brings you closer to nature

Alumnus and meteorologist Willem is on his way from Utrecht to Thailand and ‘contributed’ around 2000 Asian kilometres from Kazakhstan to China, Plant scientist Niels competed in stage races in Vietnam and Indonesia and even won some stages. Aquatic Epidemiologist Annette cycles to work every day; in Vietnam she manoeuvred between the scooters at 38 degrees, biked in Canada on her fat bike over frozen snow at – 10 degrees, and currently in Scotland she rides unpaved roads among the trees. Junior researcher Laurie is cycling less than she would like to in Uganda: ‘I miss cycling regularly. You get new insights on your bike’. Nepalese alumnus and nature conservationist Pashupati is ‘on wheels’ to promote cycling and to clean the environment in tourist and monumental areas in Kathmandu.

Every participant had his or her own reasons to sign up for WUR on Wheels. The common denominator in all their stories is that cycling brings you closer to nature, is a great way to relax the mind and train the body and is inextricably linked with Wageningen.

Impressive support for Wageningen Borlaug Youth Institute

This week (October 15 to19) the Borlaug dialogue week takes place in Des Moines. The winners of the first ever Wageningen Borlaug Youth Institute will attend this event, together with Prof. Louise O. Fresco, president of the Executive Board of Wageningen University & Research. They will get the chance to find solutions in the fight against hunger with other change makers of tomorrow at the Global Youth Institute: a community of hunger fighters. And they will not come empty handed. Participants in WUR on Wheels and donors raised an amount of 10,811 Euros. A fantastic contribution for the first Borlaug Youth Institute outside the USA.

WUR on Wheels  – Once, twice – and a bit – around the world
WUR on Wheels  – Once, twice – and a bit – around the world
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